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Having a professional inventory completed before you let your property is a vital step in ensuring your valuable asset is protected in the event of a dispute. Limecube are an APIP accredited service provider of Check In/Out, mid term inspections and dilapidation reports.

An inventory is a detail record of contents, fittings and fixtures of the property. Our reports includes the condition and presence of items within the property and include detail hight resolution photographs. Additionally we store many more photographs which can be requested by the client.

We test sensors, take meter reading and also report back any issues that we have noticed. We can also ´╗┐collect and drop back keys.

It is important that the report be carried out by an independent third party. This ensures neutrality of the report and in the event of a dispute arising, this independence and the detail report with photographic evidence can provide invaluable supporting evidence.

There are several report types that are carried out. For example:

Make & Check In Report - A new report of the property conducted at the time of a Check in.

Check Out Report - Conducted at the point of tenant check out and completed using the Check in as a template of condition with normal wear and tear taken into account.

Mid-term Inspection - Inspection conducted during mid way of the tenancy

Delapidations Report - We can note in the report an opinion of whether the wear and tear or damage exceeds normal tenancy expectations and high light these for the ease of reading the report 

Trusted by independant and large London agents, you can be sure of being in capable hands.

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