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What is an inventory and why you need to have one done:


An inventory is a essentially a detail list of contents, fittings and fixtures of the property being let. It includes details about the condition and presence of items within the property that need to be recorded. It can also include furniture and fitting where present.

An Inventory report is a snap shot of the condition of the property and the contents at the beginning of a let. Apart from the written details digital photographs are also taken to support the report. Meter reading and key sets are also recorded. Once the inventory is completed, a written report with accompanying photographs will be created for reference.

It is important that the report be carried out by an independent third party. This ensures neutrality of the report. In the event of a dispute arising, this independence and the detail report with photographic evidence can be presented in a court if necessary.


Types of reports:

There are several report types that are carried out. For example:

Make & Check In Report - A new report of the property conducted at the time of a check in.
Check Out Report - Conducted at the point of tenant check out. It should be completed using the check in as a template of condition with normal wear and tear taken inton account.
Mid-term Inspection - Inspection conducted during mid way of the tenancy

If you let a property, having an inventory done is a must. For a relatively small cost (generally tenant pays for a Check In and landlord pays for the Check Out) it will provide an immense peace of mind - consider it as an insurance for your letting.

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